Małgorzata Kaczmarczyk "Gocha" I was born in Lubartów but currently I live in Trzebiatów. As I remember painting was the most important thing in my life. School has strengthened me in it that day without brush is day lost and there is for today so. I try to paint paintings that seem to be interesting for other people and put a bit something that can tell you who I am.

I apply various painting techniques:

HORSES are my specialty, that I prefer to paint in oil or watercolour technique. If you wish, I can paint your Favourites DOG, CAT. I paint PORTRAITS also (in this case photography is necessary). I paint COPIES OF work of champions with success. I specialize in WALL PAINTING inside and outside buildings as well paintings on ceilings (it is called PLAFONY in polish). The subject matter of the paintings or other ideas can be agree with me if it can be helpful. It will make that your home become a unique place. I run an artistic studio in POLCOLORIT company form several years where I paint paintings or other projects on ceramic plates. Effect of my work presented on the website (called CERAMIC PLATES) shows paintings created in POLCOLORIT company. It can be optional topic, dimension and coloring. I hope that my paintings will give you a lot warm and pleasure, let you find something that make you stop look on them for a while.

Last exhibition Jelenia Góra MDK Muflon march 2008.

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